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I’m Back!

February 5, 2012

So much for nurturing this blog!  I need to take a class in better utilization skills of my time.  🙂

I recently bought a book by Susan Forward, Ph.D. called “Toxic Parents.”  I haven’t cracked it open as of yet, but I feel my reluctance to get started may just be that I hate to delve into all that crap again.

It seems that every time I do, I find no answers and many more questions.  One constant is the why.  Why did I always feel like I was an intrusion?  Why did I feel like I didn’t matter?  Why did my parents bother to have children?  Why did my mother look the other way when she knew full well that her six-year-old daughter was being molested by a thirty year old family member?  Did she love her brother more than her own child?  If so, why?

Did my father know?  He worked on the road a lot but still; he should’ve known.